the brainScanning brothers try to fire

[sitting at home watching the teli]

[brainscanning brother 1]: brains, I'm sick of brain-scanning, why don't we try to fire for once

[brainscanning brother 2]: Righty-right brains, I'll get the dynamite

[brainscanning brother 1]: no brains ... birds

[brainscanning brother 2]: I still say I get the dynamite

later that night in a popular city night-spot a bird approaches brains on the dance floor]

[brainscanning brother 2]: out of my way bird cant you see I'm trying to fire

he takes out a stick of dynamite and attaches it to nigger-boy's head]

nigger boy (mastermind behind all plans) with dynamite

[brainscanning brother 2]: run nigger boy, run

[nigger boy runs into the toilets, where brains and the guv'na are having discussions about the other brains' apparent lack of firing tactics or any idea about birds at all. The stick of dynamite on nigger-boys head explodes]

[later that night watching teli after being ejected from the nightclub (nigger-boy sitting on the couch with his head bandaged)]

[brainscanning brother 1]: I say we stick to brainscanning

[brainscanning brother 2]: ok...I'll get the dynamite......

brains on the dance floor