fill in the following survey and we will try match you to a squirrel as soon as possible:


1. when imagining your ideal squirrel, do you think of:
a. squirrels
b. meerkats

2. how bushy would you want your squirrels tail to be? (very bushy or or just bushy)?

3. on a scale of 1-5 where 1 = paranoid and 5 = diseased in the brain, what would you want your squirrel to be?

4. would you treat your squirrel like a king or make it scram with a broom?
scram you stupid squirrel

5. do you have arfritis, making it difficutl for you to jump out of trees and play with your squirrel?

6. Enifing else you wanna tell brains?


Click HERE to see a picture of birko's squirrel