[brains1]: "lets sing a song brains"
[brains2]: "ok, i'll start then you come in...99 bottles of beer on da wall, 99 bottles of beer, if one of those bottles of beer should fall d'ere'd be...."
[brains1 shouting out of key]: "444!"
[brains2 finking to himself]: "this could take a while, i knew i shoulda taught brains how to count"
[brains2 smashes brains1 over the head with a bottle of beer and puts him to bed]
[brains2]: "there there brains, everything will be better in the morning"

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meowwwwwmeowwww (100k)
his brain is gonehe's worse than dead...his brain is gone (73k)
bobI'll remember you (bob dylan) excerpt (207k)
johnGod (John Lennon) excerpt (52k)
Always look on da fucked side of lifeAlways look on da bright side of life (41k)
Andy GriffifAndy Griffif Show feme (4k)
Big BabyFrom the bugs bunny cartoons (4k)
Bad MoonI see a bad moon rising (30k)
Ball GameTake me back to da ballgame (14k)
i'm a rambling sort of guyBanjoes (rambling) (20k)
I lub you mr. bennyDa Benny Hill theme (34k)
da birds are good brainsBlack Magic Woman (santana) (90k)
All da troublesBridge Over Troubled Water (simon and garfinkul) (18k)
GreedoStar Wars Cantina Song (26k)
Je t'adoreChanson D'amour (13k)
choo chooChatanooga Choo-Choo (20k)
wee-eeee-eeeeecircus midi (16k)
its crunchy brainsCrunchy Granola Suite (Neil) (36k)
choo chooCry Baby Cry (da beagles) (27k)
da elephant does a pee-pee brainsElephant Walk (36k)
Happy Slappy da clownThe Entertainer (14k)
hard blueHard Blue (5k)
book him dannoHawaii Five 0 Theme (23k)
Hello MMa BabyHello My Baby, Hello My Ragtime Gal (19k)
My Darling BrainsHer Majesty (da beagles) (3k)
Major Nelson!I Dream of Jeannie Theme (18k)
Just me and you on dis island hey brains?Island Reggae(10k)
Where's Istanbul brains?Istanbul not Constantinople (22k)
I'm the iggyItchy and Scratchy (4k)
Swing it brainsPennsylvania 6-5000 (36k)
Kiss da sweet assKool Thing (20k)
mountain goatMountain (45k)
ragtime chicken no.1The Maple leaf (25k)
any way you look at it you looseMisses Robinson (Simon and gafinkil) (56k)
elephantMull of Kintyre (Pur macatny) (72k)
beaker..beaker..come here beakerMuppet Show Theme (13k)
stupid computersFractal Midi (43k)
felix and oscarOdd Couple Theme (10k)
and a pound of tomatoesReet Petite (29k)
down by da riversideRiverside (16k)
please dont run away mister birdRunaway sue (del shannons) (23k)
i like beetroot brainsLudwig Von Beetroot (9th sympfony)(17k)
hello brains my old friendSounds of silence (simon and gafinkuls)(11k)
more like da outer light hey brains?The Inner Light (from star trek) 10k)
la-da-de-da-daStrangers in the night (49k)
hurry brains, hurryTime (pink foyd) (62k)
i'm going down to cow town, thats the town for meCow Town (the velvet underpants) (32k)
rolling down da mountain (brains pushed me)Twelfth (43k)
for king and country or for brains?U.K. (7k)
brains is a commieU.S.S.R. (13k)
old man take a look at my lifeWhen I'm 64 (pur macatnies) (21k)
bing bong bing bong bing bongsprachzarathustra wagner (13k)